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APRIL 11, 2018
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JANUARY 9, 2017
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DECEMBER 9, 2016
Michael DeMarco tosses his hat in the ring to become the City’s next mayor, along with two other current City Council members – Fairfax Connection

NOVEMBER 30, 2016
Dear friends and neighbors,

I am happy to announce that I am officially a candidate for Mayor of the City of Fairfax. I ask for your support during the campaign and most importantly I ask for your vote in the citywide special election on Tuesday, February 7, 2017.

I am currently serving in my third term on City Council and previously served for several years on the Economic Development Authority. I feel that I am uniquely qualified to serve as your Mayor given my years of business experience, education and community service. I am a thought-leader that takes into account varying opinions and market trends, articulates a vision forward and implements through collaboration and leadership.

As your Mayor, I will re-commit our elected officials and city staff to serving our citizens and supporting our businesses, working not for pockets of people or one constituency over another, but collectively for the entire community. In many cases, elected officials have to make difficult decisions that may appear on the surface to be picking sides. But in the end, our goal will always be to look for the best possible solution that will provide a win-win for everyone. This is not easy to do, but I pledge as your Mayor that we will over-communicate, educate and provide for an open dialogue.

I also believe that there are yet untapped opportunities to manage the city with greater social and economic common sense. All citizens, businesses, and landowners are investors in our city and it is our duty to protect and grow that investment while also serving our diverse community. Without smart economic growth, all we are left with is increased taxes. Without efficient and effective programs and processes, all we are left with is increased taxes. As your Mayor, I will build a culture of economic strength, social and fiscal responsibility, efficiency and effectiveness. All of our decisions as a city will be based on our well-documented strategy and with this stated culture in mind.

Over the next several months, I will continue to share with you many of my specific ideas and details on how I would like to progress the city as your Mayor. I ask you to follow me on Facebook, check out and contribute to my campaign on my website and let me know your thoughts and ideas as we move forward together.

Please share this message with your friends, family, and colleagues that live in the City of Fairfax.

I thank you for your time, consideration and support.


Michael J. DeMarco

MARCH 27, 2014

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

Many of you know that I am an alumnus and strong supporter of Penn State University.  I am very excited to let you know that an initiative to create an Institute for the Advancement of Democracy is now a reality. For the last two years, I have served on a task force charged with developing an institute that will promote rigorous scholarship and practical innovations in democracy.  The task force pledged their financial and intellectual support and now thanks to the generosity of Tracey and Ted McCourtney, a $3 million endowment has been secured for what will be known as the McCourtney Institute for Democracy.

This is indeed exciting news. Through teaching, innovative research projects, and public programs, the Institute will help Penn State students and faculty explore and answer research questions ranging from the nation’s struggle with bi-partisanship to chronic budget issues, campaign financing, and regulatory vs. market solutions to pressing problems, ultimately helping policymakers and elected officials make better-informed decisions. The endowment will also support the establishment of a Prize, coupled with a Lecture and Book Series that would encourage top scholars and participants in the political process at all levels of government to explore fresh ways of considering the foundations of effective citizenship, agenda setting, and policy design.

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