Michael J. DeMarco


66atViennaMetro CUE Bus Bus Rapid Transit

Tailored Transportation

  • Assert the city’s desire to create tailored transportation solutions that fit our specific needs and reduce congestion. No mass transit solution should be overlooked.
  • Metro along the I-66 corridor.
  • Support the improvements on I-66
  • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) – BRT is a term applied to a public transportation system using buses to provide faster, more efficient service than an ordinary bus line (Figure 1).
    • Move people as effectively as rail at a potentially lower initial capital cost.
    • Fully utilize existing roadways and rights-of-way.
    • Take advantage of available technology (e.g., automatic vehicle location, passenger. information, signal priority, and “Smart Card” type fare collection).
    • Change the mindset from conventional bus fleet operations to state-of-the-art transit systems that are convenient, reliable, attractive, and comfortable.
  • CUE Bus – Greater partnership with George Mason University.

Regional Planning

·         Implement development and transportation projects that do not conflict with other regional plans already on the table.          Northern Virginia Regional Transportation Authority.

Virginia Transportation Infrastructure Bank.

Walkability and Bikeability Improvements


                Paid for by the Committee for Michael J. DeMarco.