Michael J. DeMarco

Quality of Life

Mix of Housing Choices

  • Deliver a balance of housing choices to allow singles, young families and the elderly to live in the city.
  • Leverage a housing trust fund to create more affordable housing options for our citizens.


In a recent study by Drs. Fuller and Sturtevant of George Mason University, 1) local jurisdictions are planning for an insufficient amount of housing to accommodate future workers, 2) more housing is needed closer to jobs, in existing and future employment centers, 3) there is a need for a mix of housing choices and 4) a lack of a sufficient supply of housing contributes to worsening traffic and quality of life and threatens our economic vitality.

Dr. Sturtevant Presentation to Council of Governments.

  • Start a program to help retain GMU students in the city upon graduation; to live, to work, to start their own businesses.


  • Create a city-wide “aging in place” program to allow our seniors to remain in the city they call home.
  • Encourage the development of an appropriate level of new senior housing for those unable to “age in place.”
  • Promote Universal Design standards in all new housing construction.

AARP Article on Villages: Helping People Age in Place.

AARP Article on Virginia Villages including Mosby Woods.

Arts, Culture, Parks and RecreationDanielsRunPark

  • Build on our arts and cultural programs.
  • Support attractive, safe and environmentally friendly green spaces for the public to use and enjoy.
  • Support our neighborhood “niche” parks.

Neighborhood Revitalization

  • Enforce residential and subdivision code guidelines and restrictions.
  • Ensure connectivity from neighborhoods to nearby retail and restaurants.
  • Commit to a city supported program to keep our older housing stock attractive to new home-buyers.

Fairfax Renaissance Development Corporation (FRDC) website.

Safety, Security and Environment


  • Continue to provide the high level of police and fire services that we do today.
  • Expand our efforts on environmental sustainability.

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