Michael J. DeMarco

Education and Other

Providence Elementary Student Government Ceremony 2013.

Providence Elementary Student Government Ceremony 2013.



  • Continue to build on our strong record in educating our children.
  • Work more closely with the county to look for efficiencies without sacrificing quality.
  • Explore innovative educational opportunities such as a College Partnership Laboratory School with George Mason University.

Virginia Department of Education Lab School Program.


  • Look for innovative financing solutions for our aging infrastructure, equipment and utilities.


  • Partnership with the community, local business and regional decision makers.


The Downtown Fairfax Coalition is a private nonprofit 501.3C organization. The organization’s purpose is to provide guidance and oversight and promote the positive redevelopment of Old Town Fairfax and surrounds. The Coalition has worked with City Council and staff, the business community, the residential community and professional organizations for the betterment of the city.           Downtown Fairfax Coalition.

The 2030 Group is an association of metropolitan area business leaders focused on regional long-term decision-making and solutions. The mission of the 2030 Group is to advance a strong regional economy that provides continued new employment opportunities and sustainable prosperity for current and future residents of the metropolitan area. The 2030 Group.

  • Effective leadership is essential to discuss with and communicate to our residential and business communities that this is the course of action that we collectively have chosen to take.
  • Complete transparency – openness, communication and accountability.

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